Examine Yourself

1 .___ Has it ever occurred to you that you need help modifying your sexual behavior or thoughts?

2 .___ What would go much better if you did not “get carried away” by sexual impulses?

3 .___ That sex or external stimuli control you?

4 .___ Have you ever tried to stop or limit what you consider harmful to your sexual behavior?

5 .___ Do you use sex to escape from reality, alleviate anxiety or because you do not know how to solve the problems that life poses to you?

6 .___ Do you have feelings of guilt, remorse or depression later?

7 .___ Has your search for sex become more compulsive?

8 .___ Do you harm relationships with your spouse?

9 .___ Are you forced to resort to images or memories during the sexual act?

10 .___ Does an irresistible impulse take hold of you when the other party takes the initiative or offers you sex?

11 .___ Are you always jumping from a couple as a couple or from a lover to a lover?

12 .___ Do you think that “true love” would help you to free yourself from lust, to abandon masturbation or to stop being so promiscuous?

13 .___ Do you have a destructive need, a desperate sexual and emotional need of someone?

14 .___ Does the search for sex cause you not to pay attention to your needs or the welfare of your family and of others?

15 .___ Has your performance and ability to concentrate been reduced to the extent that sex has become more compulsive?

16 .___ Does it take time that you should devote to work?

17 .___ When you are looking for sex do you go to a lower social environment?

18 .___ Do you feel like moving away as quickly as possible from the other person once the sexual act is over?

19 .___ Do you masturbate and have sex with other people, even though your spouse is sexually satisfying?

20 .___ Have you ever been arrested for a crime related to sex?


For Test Yourself:
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