Religious Prejudice

Do not let any prejudice you may have against religious term deter you from honestly asking yourself what they mean to you (AA 47)

I came to SA prejudice against religious ideas. Words such as “morality” or “sin” offended me largely because I found my behavior on the wrong side of the definitions. I could not tolerate words for God or practitioners of religions. Early in recovery, I was hyper-vigilant about the mention of religion in meetings. I was religiously anti-religion.

As I worked Steps Two and Three, my sponsor encouraged me to let go of old ideas and consider my own concept of God. Sin, he pointed out, came from an old archery term meaning to fall short of the target. Morality could refer to how my behavior might affect my morale, that is, how it made me feel.

I began to learn that my own judgmetalism was keeping me from new understanding and growth. Indeed, it always had.

God, help me to be humble, open-mind and willing-that I may grow.