Out Of Brokenness

But just as surely as our wrongs are what brought us to despair, so our surrender to God and others in our wrongs will open the doorway to  that great release and transformation that await us (SA103).

I am a felon convicted of sexual indecency. I ask myself how I can eve overcome the shame of my behavior and repair the damage I have done to my family and others. I do not have the answers but today understand I can only do my work. I must let God do God’s work.

SA has helped me to see myself in a different light and has change my mind, heart, and behavior. By freely sharing my story wit members in SA meetings and with my sponsor, I am able to recognize feelings that lie buried from an abusive childhood. As I work the Steps, I take action, admitting my powerlessness over my obsession with lust, facing my shortcomings, and righting my wrongs to the best of my ability. Connecting with my Higher Power, I find forgiveness. This in turn allows me to forgive my childhood abusers and find the compassion and courage to make amends to those I have harmed.

In recovery, I see myself as a miracle of creation. I can use my God-given talents to make something whole out of my brokenness. I cannot change the past, but I can shape a new ending. By exploring the mystery of who I am, with God’s help, I find the courage to change and grow—taking each moment as a gift.

God, thank you for helping me celebrate the new person I am becoming in recovery.