What we don’t know supports what we do know.
-Bill Moyers

One way we show respect for ourselves and others is by respecting whatever life brings us. What prevented that in the past was our preoccupation with sex and with having our own way. Now, we live our lives on a different rhythm: one of “letting go”. It is that rhythm to which we must pay attention.

 At times letting go feels like doing nothing, and doing nothing feels like standing still. But letting go is not the same as standing still. It is active, not passive. Letting go focuses our attention on life in the present, living it fully moment by moment, rather than in a fantasy future that seems to promise the outcome we crave.

 It has been said that the light of God’s love is so bright that it appears as darkness to us. When we feel we’re living in darkness, we may be living in the all-encompassing light of God’s love and compassion for our struggle. We can trust the daily evidence of that love and know  we are safe.

My struggles have dignity because I face them with faith in my Higher Power.