If you try to hurry, I always say: “I only have another speed and it’s slower.”
-Glenn Ford

We tend to be under pressure to act, to produce, to excel. But the pressure makes us feel accelerated and we become careless with ourselves and with others. We miss seeing and enjoying the small and simple things in life. We defocus things and people.

The pressure can also come from within, from our shame and sense of unworthiness. Then we find it difficult to see the world in the eyes, because of our secret sex life. We may feel that we have to keep moving to prevent us from evaluating the true nature of our illness and the harm it caused to ourselves and others.

But now we know that we can reduce the speed and take every day, every hour and every minute that comes. By slowing down, we learn to see the world more clearly and enjoy the company of others. We have time to know ourselves and reach others. The reward is a deeper, quiet and charming life.

Time is not an enemy to be conquered, but part of the rhythm of life. Every day I try to slow down and live.