To live happily is an inward power of the soul.
-Marco Aurelio

One  person’s joyful enjoyment of a  springtime may be another person’s  painful memories of a life somehow unfulfilled.  One  person’s winter wonderland may be another person’s  stark and hopeless  landscape. One person’s summer at the beach  by another’s battle to avoid looking at people wearing  hardly any clothes. One person’s ripe and tranquil autumn may be another’s sense of imminent death.

Each season of the year brings its own challenges. Many of us who  are sex addict feel sad or alone, particularly during the spring and summer. All around us are people in love (not us) or people we think look happier than us. We may feel inadequate. So we struggle yet again with the same old feelings or memories.

We can remind ourselves that even though the past continues to resonate in our hearts, the present hold something different and better. If we open our eyes to the particular beauty of this season, we will be rewarded with its splendor.

I am willing to be open to this day’ s beauty and delight. The past is over.