A friend is a gift that you give to yourself.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

As sex addicts we generally want more, We believe that more means better. But there are some things where less is more and one of them is a close friendship. The truth is that we do not have many special friends. That is why they are special.

Among those friends there is a bond of understanding, honesty, acceptance and love that is valued more over time. Trusted friends offer us the opportunity to learn to be intimate so that we are known again and again as we really are. And from that mutual exchange we receive what we need. We can take the risk that friendship will withstand the test. We do not have to be perfect because we are loved as we are. These relationships possess an innate freedom.

Friendships like these can be platonic or romantic. No matter. Through good and bad times, we feel the presence of our Higher Power completing a divine triangle of growth and love

Today, I am grateful for my special friends. May my love be a blessing to them, as it is to me, theirs.