A cheerful heart does as well as a medicine.
– Pr. 17: 22

When we are sad and melancholy, we seem to walk on a black cloud. We attract other discouraged people and soon it seems as if we are walking in a funeral procession.

Being permanently sad seems an insult to life. After all, there are people who get married and are worse off than we are and yet we can find the energy and love to reach and express joy. Why should we be in the dark minority?

It is often our addiction that dictates our moods. When we consume, we lead a double life with half rooted in shame and fear. It is not surprising that we were depressed and that sometimes we have this habit and attitude in our recovery.

Part of the recovery is to recover a feeling of happiness that reaches the depths of us. We can listen to them again and learn to feel. How restorative it is to be happy!

Joy is a vital part of life and I want to feel it in the depths of me.